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Life cover and mortgage protection insurance with a medical condition - Life Support 
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Life insurance quotes and cover for people with medical conditions


Our unique insurance quotation service helps many people with medical conditions to find life insurance cover. We provide quotes for a growing list of conditions – click the other medical conditions box to see them all. And we can often help those who have been previously refused insurance – click the previously refused cover box.

life insurance and diabetes.

Life insurance for people with diabetes.

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life insurance and obesity.

Overweight or obese
Life insurance for people who are overweight or obese.

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life insurance and breast cancer.

Breast cancer
Life insurance for people who have successfully completed treatment for breast cancer.

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life insurance and multiple sclerosis.

Multiple Sclerosis
Life insurance for people with multiple sclerosis.

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previously refused or declined life insurance.

Previously refused cover
We can often help people who have previously been refused or declined life cover by an insurer because of a medical situation.

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life insurance with a range of medical conditions.

Other medical conditions
Life insurance for people with a range of medical conditions.

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Our service is for UK residents only. It is free to use - Life Support receives a portion of any commission that's paid to our regulated partner if you choose to buy. We understand how life insurance premiums will be adjusted by insurers because of your medical situation. So our quotation service is different – your answers to straightforward questions usually let us give you an indicative price for your cover right here, on the screen.
Important: Life Support does not guarantee that any indicative premium that we provide is the actual price that an insurer will charge following their full understanding of your condition. We will do our best to support your needs, but we cannot guarantee to find an insurer that is willing to offer you life cover.

Neither we nor our regulated partner are able to provide advice as to whether the life insurance you require is suitable for your needs. If you are not sure about the cover you want, or you require advice on the suitability of a life insurance policy for your particular circumstances, you should seek the help of a qualified adviser.